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Works on Windows and Mac OS
Features of One Dash
High speed
Software can work in multi-threaded mode, performing several tasks simultaneously.
This is effective
Get a lot of traffic and make money on it.
Flexible configuration
Software will adapt to each user.
Full documentation
Video documentation of all important issues for working in Telegram
What features does One Dash offer?


A parser will help you filter out the desired target audience. Check online users, avatars, mutual groups. Up to 10,000 users per minute.


Sending up to 300 messages per minute. Auto response. Attaching files. Black list of users. Spam on groups. Save time and money.


Get 1000+ of live audiences in your groups and channels.

Account generator

Automatically register accounts, you do not need to do anything manually.

Views cheat

Simulate activity on the channel, spinning 100+ views on posts.

Account manager

Editing of a photo, name, username and bio on all your accounts at the same time.
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Have questions?
Find answers in F.A.Q:

Can I use the program on a VPS/virtual machine?

What do I need to work with software?
One working Telegram account.

Can I use software to promote my group?
Yes, you can use our inviter.

What numbers are used to register accounts?
Numbers of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Philippines, China and England.

I have one Telegram account, how do I use it?
You can add an account to the software using authorization via SMS-code, or import the data "tdata".

How much does the program load the pc, can I use a computer in parallel?
The program does not give much load on the PC, so you can safely do your own business while the software is running.

Is there a message formatting function in the program?
Yes, all the same functions as in off. Telegram app, as well as text randomization.

What is meant by a blacklist?
The list of users to whom the message has already been sent, the second time this will not happen. You can also import and export this list.

What are the telegram limits?
How much does 1 message cost?
If you register accounts yourself, through software, then 1 account costs about 0.05-0.06 usd (excluding proxies).
Limits for 1 Telegram account:
Spam without link - 45 messages (~$0.0015)
Mailing by link - 10 messages (~$0.008)
Limit on inviting to a group / channel: 50 people (~$0.0015)
The optimal pause for mailing is 5-10 seconds.
The optimal pause when inviting is 7-15 seconds.
We recommend using 1 proxy for 2 accounts for spam/parsing/invite etc.
You can also buy ready-made accounts from us for $0.17
When registering, you need to wait for a vacation (3 days) so that you can write and invite other people in the telegram.
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